Hornbill Hornbill

Green Backed Heron Green Backed Heron

Wood Sandpiper Wood Sandpiper

Gull Gull

Gecko Gecko

Heron Fishing Heron Fishing

Vulture Vulture

Whistling Duck Whistling Duck

White Fronted Black Chat Black Chat

Pearl Spotted Owlet Pearl Spotted Owlet

Darter Darter

Black Kite Black Kite

GiantKingfisher Giant Kingfisher

Cattle Egret Cattle Egret

Helmet Shrike Helmet Shrike

Pied Kingfisher Pied Kingfisher

Hammerkop Hammerkop

Black Heron Black Heron

Goliath Heron Goliath Heron

Coucal Coucal

Lizard Lizard

Lizard Buzzard Lizard Buzzard

Malachite Kingfisher Malachite Kingfisher

Yellow BilledShrike Yellow BilledShrike

Piapiac Piapiac

Eagle Owl Eagle Owl

Senegal Parrot Senegal Parrot

Red Billed Firefinch Firefinch

Blue Cheeked Bee Eater Bee Eater

Osprey Osprey

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