The House We Stayed In Near Perigueux House We Stayed In

Dinner Dinner

James Thrashing Andrew At Table Tennis Table Tennis

Men Starting Fire Making Fire

Kyaking In The Dordogne Kayaking In The Dordogne

James And Tessa In The Dordogne James And Tessa

Girls In Pool Girls In Pool

Belly Flop Belly Flop

A Running Bomb A Running Bomb

Shiny Car At House Shiny Car

Tessa At The Maison Du Vin In Bergerac Maison Du Vin - Bergerac

In Bergerac In Bergerac

Car On Way Home On The Way Home

Azay Le Rideau Azay Le Rideau

The Chateau in Azay Le Rideau Azay Le Rideau

Andrew And Dog At The Chateau In Corbiac Andrew

Barbeque James

Neil In Bergerac Neil

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