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One of my photos has made it through to the BBC Countryfile calendar for next year. You can vote for it if you like (up until Sunday), or any other photo... Screenshot on the right.

Also, one of my photos of the Salisbury Cathedral Peregrines is on the cover of the Salisbury Cathedral magazine. Get it here.


Monthly Website Update

With all the manual html coding I need to do, updating this website takes quite a bit of time. And I'm lazy. So regular updates either go on Facebook, or my bird lists website which is much easier to manage using Joomla. But here is an update of stuff over the last month.

We went canoeing with Andrew and family up the Kennet and Avon canal in Andrew's canoe. Very effective design and possible to reach some decent speeds on the still water of the canal. One photo on the right (trying to use wide angle lens and low down viewpoint).

We went to Somerset for Tessa's parent's wedding anniversary party. Photo on the right. Whilst there, also did some lizzard photography with Mum and Dad. One Lizzard photo on the right, and a few more added here.

And then off to Cambridge for the Folk Festival. One of the most enjoyable ones to date. Photo of the Keston Cobbler's Club on the right who we quite like. Also a photo of us in Midsummer House for our pre-festival meal. Seven courses, matched wines, very nice. It's the 2 Michelin star restaurant of Daniel Clifford and they were filming for a series of "Good Chef Bad Chef" apparently, so we might be on TV in Autumn.

A good week this week on the birding front. On Tuesday I popped over the the Isle of Wight to see the nesting European Bee-Eaters. A very rare event in the UK. There are 4 adults feeding the chicks, but I went on an overcast day, so not a lot of activity. Still, got a record shot of one of them - see right. And yesterday, I had a very early start to see if I could find a Barn Owl. The 3 chicks at Arne have now fledged and the parents left them, so they're now independent and hunting for themselves. Two of them still roosting in the owl box, the third seems to be roosting in a tree near by. Anyway, got some really good views of two of them hunting for about an hour after sunrise. A couple of shots on the right, with quite a few more here.

My UK Yearlist now stands at 132. I'm going to focus on some easy ones over the next few weeks (Bullfinch, Marsh Tit, Coal Tit, Kingfisher etc.) to try and get nearer 150 before taking the plunge with all the waders and ducks I'm goign to need. Current Yearlist can be seen here.



Last night was National Moth Night. So I went to the woods this morning to see what had been caught in the moth traps. Very impressive selection. I tried to photograph some of the more photogenic ones. A couple on the right (Elephant Hawk Moth and Scarce Burnished Brass), and a few more added to my lists website here.


Countryfile Calendar Countryfile 05/09/14

Barn Owl Barn Owl 09/08/14

Barn Owl Barn Owl 09/08/14

Bee-Eater Bee-Eater 05/08/14

Keston Cobblers Club Cambridge 01/08/14

Midsummer House Midsummer 30/07/14

Tessas Parents Tessa Parents 26/07/14

Common Lizzard Lizzard 26/07/14

Canoe Canoe 20/07/14

Moth Moth 07/07/14

Moth Moth 07/07/14

Damselfly Damselfly 22/06/14

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